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Growing up, I was always surrounded by art in one form or another, be it music or physical art. I loved art at an early age, even being placed in a college level art class in 4th grade. My love for art continued up until high school when I found other interests.  

Spring forward to my hospitality industry stent. One day my co-worker asked I do a daily specials chalkboard, which I happily did.  It was nice and simple. The first thing they noticed was that I had very good handwriting, so that became part of my duties. Eventually, I started letting my creative juices flow again and the boards became more and more involved.  Actually, some were eventually sold for charity events. This lead some of my friends to ask me why I never pursued a career in art. I didn’t think much of it until a couple years later.

In 2012 I was sitting in a courthouse searching through documents for my then job, losing my mind due to acute boredom. I had tossed the idea of starting my own company around before, but this particular day was my moment of clarity. I was 29 and wanted to have my own business before I turned 30, so I quit my job and started Arthur Designs. And as I tell most people, I haven’t “worked” a day since.


Founded Wine by Design on May 17th, 2013
Founded Arthur Designs on May 17th, 2012


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